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the new era : hıstorıcal crıses cabınet - ındustrıal revolutıon

In terms of living, before the Industrial Revolution happened, Europeans led their lives similarly to those who lived hundreds and thousands of years ago. People’s lives revolved around agriculture, but with new technologies, the world around them dramatically changed. In the 18th century, Britain was the first country with all the conditions for the permanent revolution in technology to start. This was a time of profound social, economic, and technological change that brought about new forms of manufacturing, transportation, and communication.  


As a delegate in the Historical Crisis Cabinet: Industrial Revolution, you will be representing one of the key players or groups involved in the events of the time. Consider their motivations and beliefs on the events of the time. Your goal will be to negotiate and collaborate with other delegates to find solutions to the challenges and opportunities presented by the Industrial Revolution. 

Agenda Item: To be announced soon!

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