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The HASMUN club is pursuing its mission to increase international awareness, create the environment for brainstorming to give life to potential resolutions for world’s problems and introducing the ways of diplomacy to its members since its foundation in 2009.

The club has strengthened its capabilities to pursue its never-ending mission by organizing UN simulations. Starting in 2014 the HASMUN club has organized the considerable amount of conferences so far. Including a training and development conference known as HASTRAIN which the first edition introduced in the year of 2015.

With consolidated steps, HASMUN club keeps walking to its visionary objective without hesitation.

An important part of the HASMUN team, The Board of Directors, staying out of the spotlight most of the time, ensuring that operations of the HASMUN club are being carried on flawless as much as possible. Making sure the club serves its purpose and pursues its vision.

The Board of Directors consists of 7 members:


President: Efe Coştu

Vice Presidents: Berre Uçma & Öykü Apa

Head Scribe: Nisa Genç

Director of Academic Affairs: Samet Aba

Director of Publicity and Organization Affairs: Melisa Cotur

Director of Financial Affairs: Fusun Aydın

Director of Communications and Marketing Affairs : Efe Aydın

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